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For a free “DO NO HARM” bumper sticker (white-on-black or black-on-white) or a semi-translucent frosted wrist band, and/or a 3.5” round “NO HARM” decal: in the US and Australia, send a business size Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope; and in Europe, send a self-addressed standard envelope with an international reply coupon.  Please note your preference of bumper sticker, wrist band, and/or round decal.


U.S. east of the Mississippi              U.S. west of the Mississippi

Mike Skadeland                                Clyde Grossman
P.O. Box 408282                                 P.O. Box 22043
Chicago, IL  60640                             Sacramento, CA  95822
USA                                                     USA 
Eastern Australia                              Western Australia
(ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC)                   (NT, SA, TAS, WA)
Venerable Eido                                  Andy Macleod 
                                                             2667 Ferguson-Lowden Road
                                                             Lowden, Western Australia  6240

Australia                                             Australia

Please do not send money!  We do not accept monetary donations!  Please support the movement by doing no harm and if you can, please spread the “Do No Harm” message.

NOTE:  We have been asked not to give names to ‘mailing lists’.  Please feel assured that we do not give or sell names, and we do not even keep names.

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