Do No Harm
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      June 25, 2016

Name:      Howard Smalley

Comment:   Thank you for doing what you do. I was in an AA meeting tonight and someone brought up "do know harm." It struck deep in my soul and will make it a mantra for myself and pass it on. Thank you and bless you for the kindness you are bringing to the world. Namaste


      June 13, 2016

Name:      Alan Kelly

Comment:   I find there is a subtelty to ahimsa (do not harm) ethic. A subtlety insofar as the more one takes this in, and may find oneself acting on this principle, something happens. Each person's results vary. Anyway, that may be vague, but so is ahimsa.


      March 23, 2016

Name:      Mark A. Sato

Comment:    I've imagined that "Do no harm" was a given. I'm just a little surprised it needed to be put into words. That said, Thanks to all of you who embrace these three simple words. The world would be so much better if everyone could live by this idea.

Aloha and mahalo nui


      November 18, 2015

Name:      Matthew Arndt

Comment:   I wish I accepted the "Do No Harm" mantra and way of life a lot earlier in my life. After leading a life of selfishness, I only now have discovered what it means to be happy and proud of my life because of the way I treat others. It's only now that I'm discovering what it means to have grace. I wish all creatures peace and happiness.


Do no harm,



      April 29, 2015

Name:      Gary Swing

Comment:   American politics is fundamentally destructive. It's about killing people and destroying things. I have a brilliant idea for a new form of government founded upon adherence to the Hippocratic oath to "Do no harm." I call this new form of government Hippocracy. Doctors and elected officials both take an oath of office, so how about putting a doctor in the White House who is guided by a Hippocratic oath of office to "do no harm?" American government could use a healthy dose of Hippocracy. Send the Republicans and Democrats packing. Let's fill Congress with a bunch of Hippocrats! Vote exclusively for political candidates who represent Hippocratical views.


      April 17, 2015

Name:      Charlien S

Comment:   Thank you all for recognizing the importance of this basic tenet "Do no harm."  Difficulties in life can incite angry feelings in us.  By taking time to act more gently with ourselves first, allows us to extend that kindness to  others.  Even if that means walking away.


      January 27, 2015

Name:      mm

Comment:   Do no harm means to love humanity and fight for it. There must be no limit of how deep our love and compasion can be. Fight with your demons and fight with others demons. Respect. There is always a way to get what you want while doing no harm and if there is no such way then it is probably not what you want or need. Care enough to find that way. Learn to live like a true human being. Better live one minute like a true human than live the whole life like something else. It is all that matters.


      January 3, 2015

Name:      marc zamec

Comment:   happy new year everyone and peace be with you, cheers, do no harm