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messages from our children



The following set of ‘messages’ are from the students at Waupun Middle School in Wisconsin.


There are in my opinion at least three things that we all can do to make sure we Do No Harm to other people. The first of these of these is to treat others nicely so you don’t hurt their feelings, like calling names. Secondly, follow direction so they don’t put others or themselves in danger or harm. Finally everyone should follow rules like our laws and  or our student handbook. These rules and laws are meant to keep us safe. IF people follow the rules and car about each other every day then we will Do No Harm.

            - MB


“Do No Harm” could mean a great deal of things, but to me it mostly means don’t hurt or harm the environment. I don’t know why, but people keep polluting all around including lakes, rivers, forests, and highways. Animals can die from that thinking it’s food. I know people need a place to live but so do animals, so I don’t think people should destroy the rain forests and forests to make their own homes. I think we should stop global warming so the polar ice caps stop melting so penguins, polar bears, and all of the animals that live there are still able to survive there. We can do that by car pooling so less gasses are released into the atmosphere. We can also do that by regulating pollution from factories into the atmosphere. I’m trying my best to do my part and hopefully you do yours.

            - AT


My meaning of “Do No Harm” is about the environment issues. Some of these minor changes in our lifestyle could help a lot. Recycling is a good way to preserve land and keep the oceans clean. That is where most of out garbage is disposed. We need to use our natural resources wisely. If we don’t, what will the future be like? Choosing different ways of transportation can reduce the amount of pollution. Some of these slight changes would help our environment greatly!



Do no harm means a lot of thinks to me. One think I would really would like to stop is bullying. It gives pain to a lot of people. Let’s also give back to our community. We could pick up garbage in a community. If you see someone littering then let’s try to clean it up or pick it up to keep our community clean and fresh. We really should also try to not kill any people. It just injures yourself because you will go to jail if you get caught. You will also be giving pain to the friends and family of the person you killed. This is what I think do no harm means to me.

            - MG


When I close my eyes and think of peace I see out side or a sun set. I think outside is peaceful because you can play and have the wind in your face. I also think it is peaceful because it is very buteaful to sit our and wach the sunset.

I like being out side also because it is very pritty. There are flowers, green grass, trees, butterflys, birds, and sometimes snow. Also the way are world is it is so uneach in its own way.



I believe No Harm speaks for itself. My second idea is treat the environment as you want it to treat you. Id like our jobs to stay in america. I would like to know why people cant just switch to electric automobile. I wold like us to stop not carpooling. I wish animals were protected.

            - ND


When I think of do no harm I think about being nice genoruse, loving, and caring towards the earth and pepole if there was no harm. In this world you wouldnt here about pepole getting killed on the news. Or someone robbing a bank. If there wasnt any harm the world would be a better place to live in.



When you do harm you don’t only hurt the person you do it to you hurt the world. When people do harm they usually don’t know what they’re doing thats why you should be the bigger person and just walk away. Just think the kids who see people bully, when they grow up thee going to do what they saw whene they were little. When kids grow don’t you want them to be nice to people and help needy people. The people in the world get the wrong impression of America because there are a-lot of bullies in America and the more harm the more kids will thinks it OK. When I grow up I want my kids to adopt a road or rycyle or even help at an old folds home what ever that involves helping the people/world around us.

            - AN

To me do no harm means to take care of animals responsibly and with care. People can’t expect animals to take care of themselves. Abuse of an animal of pet is not only horrible, it is illegal. Hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, and cutting an animal or pet that did no harm to you is not only – unfair to that animal it is grossly inhumane and you can be finned and arrested. In addition it will make you feel badly about yourself. Taking care of your pet and knowing they cannot take care of themselves is a great thing to know and will keep your pet healthy. Pets need food and water every day twice a day. Not feeding you animal could lead to charges against you, for starving your pet and possibly having you pet die of starvation. Taking care of your pet is not a joke. Doing no harm to your pet or any animal will keep you and your pet happy.

            - CB


There are things you can do to do no harm to the environment. When you litter, it pollutes the earth. If you don’t drive so much, the gases of cars don’t go in the air. Separating garbage and recyclables helps too. Then people have to go pick up other peoples garbage to help the environment. To do no harm is not to litter, not drive your car so much, and separate recyclables and garbage.

            - AT


Do no harm means not to hurt or bother anyone. People should not kill themselves. No one should punch another person. Doing no harm is being respectful to others and family. Others shouldn’t drink and drive at anytime. Everyone shouldn’t smoke, because they can die. Do no harm means not bother or hurt others, to kill yourself, punch others, not drinking and driving, and not smoking.

            - KS


Do no harm by not harassing other people in the community. One reson for not harassing other people is because they will harass you constantly. People who harass others will make you go wherever they go. If you do something wrong they will harass you for a couple of days. So do no harm by not harassing other people.

            - CK


“Do No Harm” means to me is not seeing bulling. A other ting is not invading other country because there different like when Germany tried to take over the wold. Next is not attacking on special days on the Olimpics Russa attack Gergoia. Then starting violenc over matiral things.

Peace looks like when the whole world is in entier peace. Other vision is when kids can play a game and not fight over who won and who lost. Next is a vision of when rasces can do some thing without being cridisized.



What do no harm means to me is that we should help others around us. I think we should all pitch in and clean up the environment and stop pollution. We should also recycle so we can reuse paper and plastic over and over again. We should keep peace with others and listen to our parents. We should use less electricity and save more paper. Every year may parents and I go to my grandpa’s cabin and plant trees. I think everyone should do that.

            - TS


Do no harm to me is like the main rule are country or even world follows. If every one could help everyone else by doing no harm think of what are world would look like. Every one would have nice clothes to ware. Everyone would be healthy and the world would be green and healthy to. No more poverty or homless people. No more beating killing or shooting

Everyone would be happy.

            - LW


To me do no harm means, do not harm others. If someone hurts you it does not give you the right to harm someone else. Do no harm could also mean do not wreck whats not yours. So if someone borrows you a book you should treat it with respect. I think do no harm is basicly treating people with respect. Everyone should be treated with respect.

            - PM

Do No Harm means to me that we should let all people participate, we shouldn’t call people names, and we shouldn’t bully. By letting all people participate, everyone can participate in sports like football, baseball, and basketball. I believe people should not be left out. Calling people names can hurt a person’s self-esteem, so people shouldn’t call names that will make a person feel badly. In my opinion do not bully means that people should not tease others just because they don’t like them. In conclusion people should let all people participate, we shouldn’t call people names, and shouldn’t bully.

            - BB


This is what I think do no harm means. Hurting people is wrong and could get a person in trouble. Messing with someone’s school supplies or somebody’s property is inappropriate and could get you in trouble. Being honest could help you by having your friends trust you when you tell them something. If you are good to other people those people will treat you differently. If you are nice to people, they will be nice back to you. When you obey the laws and rules your life will turn better. That’s why people should be nicer.

            - BD


“Do No Harm”, to me, means do not harm the earth. So many people litter and don’t even care. I think that is wrong. Littering can cause the death of lots of different animals. The worst thing that harms the earth is pollution. Factory smoke, all the cars, and buses are the main causes. The biggest and most threatening side-affect of pollution is global warming. It is changing the earth in a bad way. Something needs to change. If everyone stopped littering and polluting, the world would be a much better and healthier place to live!

            - KT


You could do no harm by not picking on people. If you are a bully you are a threat to yourself and the people around you. Being a bully won’t make you feel comfortable with yourself. Picking on others will make them feel miserable. You shouldn’t bully because it’s harmful.

            - BW


Peace looks like the Earth being clean and healthy, everyone pitches in to help pick up garbage. Peace looks like cutting down on oil and gas prices. Peace looks like carpooling with people so that we don’t cause a hazard for the animals that we share the world with. Peace looks like not going over the speed limit and watching for crossing children on the street. Peace looks like no violence in our world, everyone would love and care about everyone. Peace looks like everyone making their bad day a good one, turning their frown upside down. Peace looks like sharing our knowledge with one another, being there for them. Peace looks like accepting everyone for who they are not because of their color. This is what peace looks like to me.

            - HKK


I think do no harm means don’t litter but recycle. Pollution is killing earth. Recycleing is reuse the old stuff for new stuff. You can take old cans in to get recycled and reused. After cutting one tree plant two more so the air has a fighting chance. Don’t pollutite in ponds.

            - KA


Do no harm means to me is no bullying. Or no vandilizing. It also means to me no littering. I’m glad we got these signs because now people will maybe think before they act. It is a good way of saying no bullying, vandilizing, littering, and no harming. Do No Harm. Some people vandilize and waste there whole life in jail. Other people get a ticker for littering. So there really is no point.

            - ML


I think Do No Harm means to not hurt someone, like calling names or swearing. There is also hitting. People should never do harm to themselves, like cutting, doing drugs or staying in an abusive relationship. And to listen to adults.


There should be no harm done to people. People should do no harm by being nice to each other. People should be respectful and responsible. If someone harms themselves or others they can be hurt mentally and emotionally. Do no harm to others or yourself. People have to follow the rules and do what they are supposed to do. That’s what do no harm means to me.

            - BH


Do no harm means not to wreck people’s environment like their homes, schools, and land. Do no harm to others by wrecking their crops or fields. I believe people should respect school property by not littering. In your neighborhood people should avoid throwing rocks and should be quiet at night. Why do people wreck property like crops, land, and homes when they could do no harm to them.

            - AJH


What do you think “Do No Harm” means? Do no harm means don’t end up in jail for doing something stupid. The reason people go to jail is because they do wrong things and don’t know what they are doing. People should not fight in wars. People do not live to fight. Many terrible leaders are hurtful, and are not good role models for kids. Harm is hurtful and hurtfulness makes people do wrong things and people want to Do No Harm.

            - AS


Do no harm means many things. For example, be nicer to your community instead of being a bully or teasing people. Help “Go Green” in your community by putting garbage in your garbage can and recycle. You can be responsible by obeying the rules. That is what I think do no harm means.

            - MG


Do No Harm means to have gentle hands toward everyone, to love and care about every living thing. Do No Harm means not hunt our wildlife, but to look with amazement and compare our worlds. Do No Harm means to respect our elders, not only because they are older, but because its the right thing to do. Do No Harm means to love and care about every living thing, no matter how big, no matter how small. Do No Harm means taking care of the Earth because God gave it to us to love and respect. Do No Harm means DO No Harm!



To me I think that do no harm means peace and harmony. No more wars and tararistost. The time has come to stop the wars. Contries need to make treaties and follow them. We should destroy the weapons for good. Of contries destroyed there weapons there would be no deaths. That’s what I think do no harm means.

            - SB


When I think of do no harm I think of not hurting people or being mean. I also think of not forcing kids to do bad stuff and something don’t want to do. Sometimes what I also think of is when people in bigger cities get beat up because other people don’t like their clothes or shoes, but I think it’s their opinion to wear what they want to. I also think of bullying and picking on kids or making fun of kids because they wear glasses or how they look, but I think that it’s what is on the inside, not the outside. I also think of helping other people with stuff. Also I think of helping earth by keeping it clean.

            - CK


“Do no harm” to me means stop pollution, recycle paper, bottles,, anything that can be reused. Stop sending more people to war. Don’t allow people to by hand guns just allow people to by a hunting gun if they have a lisence that’s up to date. When some one punches you it takes a bigger person to walk away. Try to use you car less, use alternative fuel. Use less turn things off lights, water.

            - MT


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